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Gastronomy Sales Management

An efficient solution for the management of the sale of gourmet products and conveyed meals. Ideal for hobs, catering companies, takeaway gourmets, cooked food vendors for canteen service in companies and schools.

Enter your dishes, make up-to-date daily and weekly menus, receive orders from customers, and with just a few clicks you have the picture of daily production, production batches for each customer and daily food, print labels for packaging, emit Shipping documents or immediate invoices. At the end of the month you can bill everything that was delivered with ddt with just one click!

Ideal for the management of collective and catering 

ASTRO is ideal for the management of collective catering and catering to communities, schools, canteens, offices. No more fleeting flyers or hundreds of documents scattered into folders, difficult to handle and identify.Check all your work in a few screenshots, reset the amount of time to calculate the quantities to produce. The use of Astro is also a support for obtaining Quality Certification for your company.


Main features


  • Customer records
  • Product Facts (Plates)
  • Quick rotation menu management
  • Management of unlimited price lists associated with customers
  • Simplified Management of Orders – DDT – Invoices
  • Quick insertion of “split” plates with components in separate containers
  • Flat import function from ChefMaTe Plus!
  • Quick ordering
  • Quick or advanced search functions in all archives
  • Print detailed flat sheets with allergen indications and composition (required for canteen and community)
  • Printing the daily menu also in pdf for sending as email
  • Printing of production and delivery lists
  • Printing labels for packaging
  • Duplicate ddt printing
  • Printing out of immediate or deferred invoices
  • Generate .pdf documents for DDT copies and Invoices to be sent to the accounting administration


Astro makes no limit on the number of dishes to be included with indication of the ingredients, date of production, temperature and storage time, coding code, portioning: The dishes can be mono or multi-component (eg: pastry and separate gravy) Separately handled packaging in the containers. Three-tier categorization for more flexible searching and viewing.

Managing repetitive menus is extremely simplified: you can move the full time or entire months of menus to play them whenever you like



Astro’s structure fits your needs. You can easily customize the program by defining the parameters that govern its operation.





Customer records with order summary, ddt and invoices associated with each customer; Definition of cost discounts or promotions over a limit amount.

Work plans and distinctions, essential for organizing the work of kitchen and packaging departments, are processed and printed with two clicks.– Labels (optionally with barcode) for each output pack, easily printable with any laser or inkjet – Unlimited sales and customizable quotes – Automatic generation of DDTs and related invoices at the end of month.

Graphical interface clean and intuitive

Assisted Startup, Free support
Do not leave it alone. Startup is always a busy phase, you have two hours of remote assistance to start using the program in the best way and understand how it works. Free support via email or phone and if necessary with remote support

Unlimited License
Astro you buy one time only. No fees, any updates are free of charge. The basic configuration allows you to use it on two computers, whether PC or Mac or both. Any permissions beyond the first two can be purchased separately (for information , click here ).

System requirements


Windows XP (sp3), Vista, Seven
Pentium III processor 500 Mhz or sup
200 Mb of disk space
Screen 800×600


Mac OSX 10.5.8 or higher
G4 processor or sup.
200 MB disk space
Screen 800×600

A Software for Every Need

ChefMaTe offers you wonderful, complete and sophisticated work tools but at the same time efficient and easy-to-use, designed and designed for Chefs, Chefs, Caterers, Gourmets, Pasta, Barman, F & B Manager, Canteen Managers Community, Catering and Banqueting Operators, Cooking Schools.

ChefMate Plus

ChefMate Plus

Il programma perfetto per l'Executive Chef e il F&B manager
Astro - Gestione vendite gastronomia

Astro - Gestione vendite gastronomia

Una efficiente soluzione per la gestione della vendita di prodotti gastronomici e pasti veicolati. 
Gelato Italiano

Gelato Italiano

La bilanciatura perfetta a un prezzo eccezionale!
ChefMate Evolution

ChefMate Evolution

Il Software riservato a studenti e insegnanti degli Istituti Alberghieri